Blog Comment Policy

Comments from new users need to be approved by me before they go public on the site. I welcome conversations, so I am moderating comments as quickly as possible. I wish to encourage conversation, and will only deny, edit, or delete comments under certain circumstances:

  1. Comments including profanity are not permitted.
  2. Comments including offensive language or concepts that can be deemed offensive are not permitted.
  3. Comments that attack or threaten an individual person are not permitted.
  4. Comments perceived to be spam are not permitted. Links in comments are allowed, but make sure that your link and comment are relevant to the post in question.

I am using spam filtering software to help me moderate comments, and, occasionally, non-spam messages get flagged. If your comment hasn’t shown up within a business day, it is possible that it has gotten caught in the spam filter. Contact me, and I will take a look.

This policy is subject to change at any time.