Elaina Buzzell

Category: Technology

Why I participated in the SOPA Protests

Yesterday, I joined thousands (or more) websites and social media accountsĀ in protest of SOPA/PIPA as they work their way through our congress. While I know that I don’t get the kind of traffic that the other sites and Twitter users who participated got, I still felt that it was important to use this venue to raise awareness for and encourage action on this important issue. Even if the only person I influenced to action were the aunts that commented on my anti-SOPA/PIPA Facebook status that they too were contacting their representatives, I felt that my efforts were worthwhile.

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A Reminder about Passwords

Like many this morning, I logged in to my email to find an urgent note from Zappos advising me to change my passwords after a security. As much as I let out some audible groans when I saw that note, I was very glad to see them being proactive in their response, and keeping their reputation as great customer stewards in tact. Read the rest of this entry »

Survey Tools for Nonprofits

Any good nonprofit is regularly checking in with their constituents – asking donors about the last fundraising events, checking in with clients about a new service – and survey tools are life savers for collecting this information. Many nonprofits also use survey tools as regular web forms, collecting things like volunteer profile information. With all of the survey tools on the market today, which is the best for your nonprofit? Read the rest of this entry »