Event Promotions

Here are some of the event invitation designs of which I’m most proud and excited to share with you:

Grand Opening

The Bikery's Grand Opening Invitation For the Grand Opening of the Bikery’s shop location, we promoted the event in the same style of our classes, a punk-rock style that emulated indepenent zines. This was distributed in black-and-white fliers to local shops and organizations, and we used the full-color version online.

Annual Dinners

2005 Choice Dinner Invitation In advance of the 2005 annual dinner, we lined up a well-known Des Moines Register columnist to serve as the keynote speaker. We chose to make her credentials a center-piece of the event, and chose “The Power of the Pen” as our theme.
2006 Choice Dinner Invitation The image here definitely doesn’t do this invitation justice. For our retro-fifties theme in 2006, we had the invitations printed on black paper with silver ink. The reply cards were printed with black ink on glittering, silver paper.

Open Houses

2004 Open House Invitation In 2004, as many clinics around the country were shutting down, we wanted to use our Open House invitation to show our clinic was there to stay.

Using this iconic sign was a simple and effective way to welcome visitors to our Open House and make that statement.

2005 Open House Invitation The Open House was traditionally timed to coincide with the anniversary of the clinic’s founding. In 2005, we celebrated that fact with a birthday party theme.

Benefits and other events

2005 Spring Benefit Invitation The Spring Benefit was a casual, silent auction held at a downtown art gallery.
For the 2006 Spring Benefit, we decided to go for a theme that celebrates the child-like joy of springtime. With that theme in mind, we commissioned artwork from a young volunteer for the invitations


More samples are available upon request.
Please contact me for more information.