Radio Production

Years later, I am still very grateful for the time I spent working at my college radio station, KRUI 89.7 FM at the University of Iowa. I first got involved by participating in a contest based off of the Survivor show, and, while I didn’t win, the on air staffers all loved me and encouraged me to join the station.

In addition to finding myself on the air, I also had a great deal of fun creating the produced spots that go in between songs and at the hour break. I loved learning to use the audio mixing software, and creating entertaining spots was a great creative outlet for me.
Here are my favorites pieces that I produced:

This was definitely my favorite of the pieces that I produced at KRUI.
It was recognized by my peers at the station as the best “stinger” of the 2002-2003 school year.
A friend and I worked together to create the “Monday Morning Maxi Pad”, what we called a feminist morning show. I produced this piece to promote our annual Anti-Valentine’s Day Special, a celebration to recognize the many reasons that people don’t always like Valentine’s Day.
Another spot for the Maxi Pad, this piece promoted our “Girl Power Hour”, the middle hour of our show where we only played songs by female fronted bands.
This station-wide promo spot used clips from the film, “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”.
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