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Guest Post On Project Management Today at Idealware

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Many nonprofit technology projects have gone south near the finish line due to a departure of a key staff member. Today, I have a guest post up on Idealware‘s blog sharing good planning tips to make sure that your tech project can withstand a staff change. Bonus, if you’re a Marvel Comics fan, this post takes inspiration from the Captain America story.

Check out the full post here: A Project Management Lesson from Captain America

The Right Tool for the Job

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I love multi-tools. I love when form meets function and when items have many uses – for instance, I love my 20-function pocket bike tool as it allows me to handle most minor repairs on the road.

That said, I also recognize a limit to multi-function usefulness, and sometimes it’s best to find the best tool rather than one that does everything. To this end, when I’m working on my bike at home, I rarely reach for that beloved multi-tool, because the full-sized tools will allow me to finish the repair much more quickly and efficiently. Read the rest of this entry »

Why am I here? One year of blogging

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Happy Birthday to my blog!

That’s right, it’s been almost a year since I started this website. I have loved having it, and I feel that it’s been a tremendous help to my professional networking. However, as it seems that its benefits aren’t obvious to all, as evidenced by the questions about it I receive in job interviews, I wanted to share my thoughts and reasons with you here.

It shocks me how few job seekers set up a website for themselves, especially for those going for communications and marketing positions. I set this up last year, when I was in the early planning stages of a cross-country move. Knowing that I would have to largely start from scratch networking, I wanted to make sure that I used tools that would quickly show that I was a qualified nonprofit communications and technology professional.

Here are some of the key benefits that I gain from having this site: Read the rest of this entry »