Signal Through the Noise

Flickr image by Bruce Berrien

Last week was (finally) my big moving week, and it culminated with our 1,697 mile road trip to the Twin Cities. The first third of our trip was filled with heavy rain and snow pelting our car, and the rest of the trip was marked by very heavy winds. While we were able to drive through the weather just fine, we learned in both cases that the driver’s window doesn’t seal well, and we had to work pretty hard to hear our music and radio shows properly.

As I was staring down the highway before us, I thought of this as a good metaphor for living in the new uber-connected world. It can be very difficult to hear the proverbial signal through the noise when we are constantly connected to Twitter, Facebook, RSS, Pinterest, Reddit, Stumbleupon, and you get my point. Read the rest of this entry »