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Why am I here? One year of blogging

Flickr photo by Christine Young

Happy Birthday to my blog!

That’s right, it’s been almost a year since I started this website. I have loved having it, and I feel that it’s been a tremendous help to my professional networking. However, as it seems that its benefits aren’t obvious to all, as evidenced by the questions about it I receive in job interviews, I wanted to share my thoughts and reasons with you here.

It shocks me how few job seekers set up a website for themselves, especially for those going for communications and marketing positions. I set this up last year, when I was in the early planning stages of a cross-country move. Knowing that I would have to largely start from scratch networking, I wanted to make sure that I used tools that would quickly show that I was a qualified nonprofit communications and technology professional.

Here are some of the key benefits that I gain from having this site: Read the rest of this entry »

The New Google Analytics

This morning, I got the pleasant surprise of being invited to the beta of the new, Real-Time Analytics. For those of you who haven’t used Google Analytics, it’s a free program that many website administrators use to learn information about the visitors to their website. We’ve moved far beyond the old days of the counter at the bottom of the home page sharing with the world how many visitors they have had. Now, with tools like Google Analytics, you can see not only how many people have visited, but where they live, what browsers and operating systems they use, and how they found your site. These metrics are vital to learn how to optimize your website for your viewers, where to target ads and promotions, and which campaigns are the most effective. Read the rest of this entry »