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What is the Meaning of This?

I started this blog five years ago, as I was staring down big changes in my life. I was about to leave my job and move across the country, and wanted to give prospective employers a great view of my talents and possibilities. This blog proved to be very successful, and, within a few months of my my move, I landed my dream job. I have since then kept very busy with progressively expanding responsibilities benefiting a mission that deeply inspires me. Read the rest of this entry »

The Power of Failure

Yesterday I participated in the #npcons (Twitter chat for nonprofit consultants) chat on cranking up creativity, and a frequent theme was that true creativity results, at least occasionally, in failure. I had failing on the brain already after a recent job interview when I was asked about my biggest failure.

I’ve long seen that failure is a natural part of the learning process, and that something isn’t a complete failure if valuable lessons are learned. I also believe that the world needs more stories of failure – especially lessons learned and growth from failure – as they encourage others to risk and try new things. In that light – drumroll please – here is the story that I shared with my interviewer about my biggest fail: Read the rest of this entry »


2011 was a pretty exciting year for me, as it was filled with planned and unexpected change. I got this website up and going, I moved away from a long-held job to take a sabbatical which allowed me to slow down and explore new career directions. I was surprised by some great opportunities while I was away. I was thrilled to help a new nonprofit plan for their social media and communications over the coming years, and I also took on my some freelance work helping a nonprofit with website and database help through a staff transition. Read the rest of this entry »