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Pinterest Strategy for Nonprofits

Over the last two years, Pinterest has exploded on the social media landscape. Many have run to it due to its demographics that uniquely skew towards women, and many have also struggled to find the right use of the platform for their brand. Very soon after starting at Girl Scouts River Valleys, I launched their Pinterest account with the intention of using it to recruit and retain volunteers that are so key to our movement. Read my guest post with MAP TechWorks to see an overview of our strategy and what success has meant for us on Pinterest.

Pinterest and Working With New Networks

I’m definitely not the only person who’s noticed that I’m not getting as many re-pins on Pinterest or as much traffic back to my site these days. A new report shows that the big burst of the last few months seems to be ebbing and site traffic on Pinterest has dropped significantly. That report definitely takes the tone that Pinterest is dying, and all of the press surrounding the new network was nothing more than hype, but I take a different tone.

Every social media network’s traffic fluxuates, and while some never rise back up, others definitely do. I also recognize that jumping into a new network involves a lot of risk, and that reports like this will discourage many people from trying any new network or site that comes along. This is especially true for nonprofits which have limited staff and financial resources to market their programs and missions.

My experience is that, even if a social network fails eventually, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have valuable experiences and achieve communications successes there. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best social networks for your nonprofit: Read the rest of this entry »

Jumping into Pinterest

Pinterest BoardWhile Pinterest has been around for a couple of years, I first heard of it while talking to an old friend over the holidays. She was very excited about the craft ideas she was finding on the site, and sent me an invite to check it out. Then a couple of weeks ago, as Pinterest started getting some major buzz, I went back to that invite and started checking it out. Read the rest of this entry »