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Which version of Windows should my nonprofit use?

Since Windows 7 was released almost two years ago, it has proven itself to be a stable operating system with lots of new and improved features over XP. At NPower, we still receive many questions from our clients about which operating system is right for them and how they should go about upgrading. In my new post for NPower’s blog, I outline areas to investigate prior to upgrading and guide nonprofits to choose the right version of Windows 7 for them. Read the full post and join the conversation here: Which version of Windows should my nonprofit use?

The Yahoo Style Guide Answers Questions About Web Writing

This was originally posted on NPowering, the blog of NPower Seattle on July 12, 2010.

Yahoo Style GuideHave you wondered whether you should be writing “email” or “e-mail”? Should be “Web site” or “website”? Read the rest of this entry »