Moving On

by Elaina

In 2006, I was in a place to make a major change in my life. At that point, I had lived within 60 miles of my birth place my entire life, and I knew that I needed to experience more of the world before I got to the age of settling down. That spring I was in a new relationship with a great boyfriend who suddenly was also in a place to change, and we decided to do it together. With no jobs and little planning, we packed up our cars and drove west.

The last five years have definitely been an adventure on many levels. I have grown and learned more about myself than I would have thought possible. I married that boyfriend. I grew from a casual cyclist to a regular commuter who can give a basic maintenance class. Not having played music in a decade, I found a great group and once again became a regular performer. I went from someone who had done a bit of car camping to someone who goes backpacking in the mountains. I grew from someone who could just hold their own on a computer to one who gives information and advice to nonprofits on technology decisions.

On the whole, Seattle has been very good to me, and I have had a good time out here. There’s definitely a lot to love from the mountains, to the water, the weather and its special culture. That all said though, it’s never completely felt like home to me. I’m a Midwesterner to my core, and it’s time for me to go back to where I belong.

I am starting off this period by taking some time to re-connect with the family and friends that I have missed while being away. I will be at home for a couple of months, but you can definitely still expect to hear from me regularly during my “sabbatical” as I plan to volunteer, take on projects, and generally keep up with the nonprofit sector and their unique needs.

With the new year, you can expect to hear more from me on my moves. I intend to take the time to make sure that I choose a new city and position that will allow me to thrive and grow. In addition to employment, I am also going to be looking for a great nonprofit (or two) to serve as a board member. Please do let me know if you have good nonprofits to recommend on the employment, board membership, or volunteer fronts.

Thank you Seattle for all you’ve taught me, and for the growth that I’ve had while here. I’ll miss the friends that I’ve made, but look forward to making new ones in my new home.