Elaina Buzzell

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Email Marketing Tools for Nonprofits

Despite many tools to help nonprofits use email more effectively, many are still sending out their mass emails by putting all of their recipients in the bcc line in Outlook. It’s a very common practice, but it can have some severe consequences for your organization. Many nonprofits use this tactic thinking that it’s the only low-cost way to send out mass emails, but, fortunately, there are tools out there that make it very easy and affordable to send out mass emails in a professional manner. Read the rest of this entry »

Beware of URL Shorteners in Email

Did you know that using tools like bit.ly inside of an email can get your message flagged as spam? In a recent blog post for NPower, I addressed the reasons for this problem, and shared a good way to work around this issue. Read the full post on NPower Northwest’s blog: Beware of URL Shorteners in Email.

Choosing Smartphones for Your Nonprofit

Are you looking to purchase smartphones for your nonprofit staff? I published a blog post yesterday for NPower Seattle with advice and tips for choosing a smartphone that will be easy to connect with your nonprofit’s network. Read the full post here.