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SocialBro and Hootsuite: A match made in limbo?

I wrote a bit ago about the new tool SocialBro, and how it’s a must-have for anyone with a professional Twitter presence. Today they announced a very exciting new feature, the ability to send the results of your “Best Time to Tweet” report to Hootsuite. As a long-time fan of Hootsuite, my immediate reaction was of joy. However, there’s definitely a lot of room to improve, and I can’t wait for the next version. Read the rest of this entry »

Assess Your Twitter activities with SocialBro

SocialBro - a new Twitter analysis toolWhen I started working in nonprofit communications, I quickly became a complete nerd for the statistics and data related to my social media and web activities. As my time (and that of other nonprofit staff) is always scarce and precious, I always wanted to be sure that my website updates, status changes, and tweets weren’t just floating away in the wind – I wanted to be sure that my activities were having a direct impact for our organization. Read the rest of this entry »