SocialBro and Hootsuite: A match made in limbo?

by Elaina

I wrote a bit ago about the new tool SocialBro, and how it’s a must-have for anyone with a professional Twitter presence. Today they announced a very exciting new feature, the ability to send the results of your “Best Time to Tweet” report to Hootsuite. As a long-time fan of Hootsuite, my immediate reaction was of joy. However, there’s definitely a lot of room to improve, and I can’t wait for the next version.

SocialBro exorting to Hootsuite

Image from SocialBro

SocialBro has a full tutorial up on their blog explaining how the new connection works. Essentially, you can export your schedule, but you have to send all of your scheduled tweets at once along with it. Hopefully, someday, Hootsuite will build more scheduling abilities into their tool, so they can handle features like this better.

Buffer interracts with SocialBro much better, as they just use the “Best Time” report to define your tweeting schedule – you add the tweets later. I have played around with Buffer for a bit, but haven’t gone over completely because I can’t see my feed or lists in Buffer – I’d have to have another Twitter window open for that.

I would be a very happy girl to find that Hootsuite developed scheduling abilities along the lines of Buffer’s, or if Buffer started allowing me to see my Twitter feed and lists (and LinkedIn and Facebook feeds) in their app. Until then, I’m staying where I am. I am glad that SocialBro is attempting to to work with Hootsuite, but I just don’t see myself using that feature much as is.

What do you think? Are you more excited to give it a try? What Twitter tools do you use? Do you do much with scheduling your tweets?