What is the Meaning of This?

by Elaina

I started this blog five years ago, as I was staring down big changes in my life. I was about to leave my job and move across the country, and wanted to give prospective employers a great view of my talents and possibilities. This blog proved to be very successful, and, within a few months of my my move, I landed my dream job. I have since then kept very busy with progressively expanding responsibilities benefiting a mission that deeply inspires me.

With that success, I let this blog go silent. This was mostly due to me being a lot busier, but I also haven’t been sure exactly what to say. Every few months it would cross my mind, and I’d sketch out a few words before getting distracted by the next task. With the primary goal of this site having been achieved, it was hard to focus and push through the writers block.

Beyond my job, my life has changed a lot since I started this. I jumped two timezones, bought a house, had a child, and got a “mom car”. I have gone through a lot, and I have a lot that I would like to share. That said, I still don’t have a new goal or theme for this blog. I don’t intend to become a mommy blogger anymore than I was ever a tech blogger before. I have always had varied interests, and I hope to share more as I continue to grow. I doubt I will keep any kind of an editorial schedule, but I will just share my musings as I am inspired. Come along with me if you like.

EDIT: Goodness, there were a lot of updates to do on this site to make even this single post publish nicely. I am now extra inspired to write regularly, to at least make the update management easier.