Twitter Communities

by Elaina

This week’s theme for Favorite Finds Friday is Twitter Communities. Many nonprofits and businesses (and individuals) are using Twitter more as a broadcast tool, and missing out on the great conversations that happen there every day. To help you get started having conversations, here are a few great Twitter chats that you can start joining this week. They are great conversations where you can learn tips to improve your communications strategy. As always, these ideas won’t do your nonprofit or business much good unless you first put together a social media strategy that includes concrete goals and target audiences.

If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat before, here is a good summary, and you can also feel free to contact me or comment with questions.

  • #NPTalk – Every Wednesday at noon CST-10am PST. This chat brings together a “community of leaders dedicated to advancing nonprofit missions through social media and technology.” Visit their page or follow them on Twitter to hear about topics in advance.
  • #FundChat – Every Wednesday at Noon EST – 9am PST. This chat brings together fundraising, marketing and communications staff at nonprofit organizations. Topics range from donor databases to social media, and you can learn the theme in advance by checking their website or following them on Twitter.
  • #smNPchat – Occurring the first and third Fridays of every month at 1pm EST – 10am PST, this chat covers topics that will help nonprofits maximize their fundraising and marketing efforts.
  • #inboundchat – Organized by Hubspot Marketing, this chat covers topic to help you use “inbound marketing” tactics to help spread your message. This chat is held every Tuesday at 3pm EST-noon PST.


Coming out of last week’s #NPTalk chat, is a great blog post, The How-To’s of Hosting a Tweetup by Liz Heinecke. This post discusses the what, who, when, and how of organizing your supporters for a Tweetup.


Do you take part in Twitter chats? How often do you engage in conversations there? Where do you find great conversations online?