by Elaina

2011 was a pretty exciting year for me, as it was filled with planned and unexpected change. I got this website up and going, I moved away from a long-held job to take a sabbatical which allowed me to slow down and explore new career directions. I was surprised by some great opportunities while I was away. I was thrilled to help a new nonprofit plan for their social media and communications over the coming years, and I also took on my some freelance work helping a nonprofit with website and database help through a staff transition.

I was thoroughly grateful for the leaning opportunities that I was able to take advantage of in 2011, and hope that I will continue my new path of growth and development in the new year. Specifically, my resolutions for 2012 are:

  • Cultivate Focus and Mindfulness: I am definitely a product of the last few decades, which have prioritized multitasking as a highly valued skill. While I can do that well, I have found over the last few years that I tend to take it too far, and the individual tasks at hand can suffer. I feel much more focused after slowing down on my sabbatical, and I am setting the intention to continue working on focusing and mindfulness as I return to regular life.
  • Don’t Stop Learning: I am one that is always excited to learn new things, so this shouldn’t be the hardest resolution for me. Mostly, I need to set aside the time regularly for reading and research to make this a more organized habit.
  • Make Writing a Priority: I’ve had a lot of fun working on this site and my posts, but I definitely let it slip to the back burner while I was on my sabbatical. I thoroughly enjoy writing, and I am setting the intention to make sure it happens more regularly.

This year, I chose resolutions that I hope will be ones that I can keep and ones that will help me continue to grow personally and professionally in the new year. What resolutions did you set for 2012?