Giving the Right Content to Your Audience

by Elaina

Flickr image by user judsond

I have a memory from when I was about 9 years old being in a toy store right before Christmas. A adult desperate for gift inspiration for a girl my age came up and asked me what toys I wanted. I asked her what this girl liked to try to come up with something good, but they just said that they didn’t know this girl very well. I pointed to a Magic 8 Ball, but neither of us were very satisfied with that answer.

Is the content that you give to your audience like the Magic 8 Ball this stranger was likely going to give that Christmas, ill researched and grabbed at the last minute? Or, are you giving content that you think that they should like rather than what they actually want, like girlie dolls given to a tomboy?

When nonprofits and businesses first start out, they are often like the adult in the toy store, but if you are mindful as you move ahead, you will know your audience much better soon. Next week, I will continue on this topic by giving some tips on how to learn more about your audience. Subscribe via RSS or email to get my newest posts first.

UPDATE: Here is a link to my follow up article: Your Audience is Your Friend, Get to Know Them Well